Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I can hear a clock ticking

No, really.

My grandparents had two big old mantle clocks. They were beautiful and intricate and they had these great sounds... from ticks to chimes they were cool and special. I remember trying to sleep on the couch at their house and listening to those clocks ticking quietly. They sounded more than mechanical... there was something soft and organic about them.

We do not have any clocks like those. We have battery powered soundless timepieces or led digital modernstrosities (it is my new word). They are missing that comforting rhythm. tick tick tick tick. But now I hear something like them floating over the computer fan... somewhere on this side of the wind outside which unnerves me. Sounds like someone calmly rocking in a rocking chair, knitting needles clicking. Soothing like that.

Oh wait. I just figured out where it's coming from. Heh, isn't that something...

Well, good night.