Saturday, August 23, 2008

back to school

I'm back in clay class! It's really great to be doing that again. Though with gas and tuition and supplies I am gonna have to tighten the old belt.

So it's been almost a year since I was last throwing pots. The first day we made some tile experiments for most of the class. I didn't sit down at a wheel until near the end. It was just like riding a bike... seems I improve with absence. I threw a nice sized bowl and a jar which will end up in the trash. I had some greenware that I'd kept in the garage for some finishing and I brought that in to bisque fire, so I've got a lot to glaze soon. I hate glazing. I am uninspired by the process and I have a hard time imagining what finished pieces will be like so it takes forever to choose colors.

Later I threw a nice vase, it's around a foot tall and I really like the proportions. Also there are some cups, and a pitcher. I had some good practice pulling handles and throwing lids.


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