Saturday, July 30, 2005


"Summmaaahh tiiiiime... na nanana na na na na... [something something]."
-Janice Joplin

It's not the same as it used to be. I remember going on bike rides. I don't have a bike now. I can't go get a Marathon Bar at the Circle K. I guess it's okay because now I get to drink wine since I'm not 9.

I felt like rad Mom for a minute because I found some caterpillars on my tomato plants and decided to let the kids watch them grow and pupate. At first they were tiny green tobacco hornworm larvae, but they soon became very large tobacco hornworm larvae and those little sons a bitches ate the whole damn plant. Well, I thought I could endure this, they were almost 5 inches long and I figured they'd spin cocoons soon. But they didn't. Those little bastards disappeared before we could see their miraculous change without so much as a by your leave. Yes, it's true that the children lost interest after the third day, yes it's true that no one eats tomatoes in this family but me, and okay, I'll admit that they were out there in the open for any marauding crow to see... but come on, I made an investment here, I wanted some satisfaction. But what do I get for my trouble? Children no more enlightened, tomatoes still unflowered (though thankfully regrowing leaves), and a deep festering resentment toward little ungrateful green caterpillars.


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